Dover Twp. hosts groundbreaking on new hall

DOVER TWP. — Last November, the people of Dover Township voted for a millage to fund a new township hall. On June 4, the groundbreaking for that new hall took place.

"We're all excited," said Dover Township supervisor Cathy May. "Pastor Rourk said a little prayer and we dedicated the site Thursday. Our commissioner, Barb Stenger, was there, our whole board was there, and the builder was there. We even had Katie Bindig, the daughter of Alfred Sellers, who was supervisor in the 1940's, on hand too."

The new hall will be across the street from the current township hall on North Raymund Road. May said the township is still deciding what to do with the current township hall and no decision will be made until after the new one is completed. It is possible the building will be put up for auction.

"Construction on the new hall will begin in earnest this week," said May. "Everyone in the county was congratulating us about finally getting this. We're ready to have this done."

A minority group in Dover voiced complaints that prior to the millage vote, members of the township stated the building was condemned when it never officially was. They also said they believed the current township hall could be renovated instead of replaced for a much lower cost. May stated these complaints were unfounded.

"Let them show me how they could do this for less money on paper, not just word of mouth," remarked May. "The building can't be used for anything anymore. We can't use it for public functions and we have to hold our meetings in the back room, because the main hall in unusable. We had contractors look the hall over, we need a new building."

The minority group also complained Dover Township would not say what the money raised would go towards. May said the accusation is completely inaccurate as the language of the millage proposal stated any money raised by the millage could only go towards township hall construction and maintenance.

She also added the township didn't rush into the decision to build a new township hall, and even if they had it was put up to a vote for residents.

"We gave everyone a chance to voice concerns or ask questions before this was even on the ballot last year," explained May. "This is what our residents want."

She said other than the small minority, feedback on the new hall has been overwhelmingly positive.

"We've since had two more volunteers join the building committee and people seem to be coming together on this," said May. "People voted for this and I think they are, for the most part, showing that support still."

The new hall is expected to be completed sometime in autumn.