Display at Lake County Historical Museum looks at historical significance of voting

BALDWIN—With a major presidential election only weeks away, Jill Engelman, curator at the Lake County Historical Museum, is Johnny-on-the-spot with a new display of historical items and local artifacts to educate museum visitors about elections in the old days.

“With an important election just around the corner, this display illustrates political firsts for Lake County, as well as women’s right to vote, “ said Engelman.

Among some of the display items are old ballots from Webber and Cherry Valley Townships, and an array of old political buttons, including one which states, “A woman’s place is in the House,” with a washed display of the House of Representatives in the background.

Engelman encourages people to come see for themselves the artifacts that helped shape the history of Lake County and the nation.  The museum is open from noon to 4 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday, or by appointment, and is located at 915 N. Michigan Avenue, Baldwin.