DAYS GONE BY: 9th Century Landmarks in Baldwin’s History

By Jane Allison and Bruce Micinski Lake County historical society

1870 - The town was first settled by a man named Hannibal.

1870 - The hamlet of Hannibal was changed to Baldwin City in honor of Gov. Henry P. Baldwin, then governor of Michigan.

1870s - Isaac Grant, father of the late Mrs. Miles Callaghan, built a store just north of the present courthouse in Webber Township. The building was moved just north of the tracks across from St. Ann’s Church. The building, the Meadow Lark Inn, was occupied by Mrs. Blanche Pettigrew.

1872 – Many Native Americans traded huckleberries for merchandise in Baldwin City.

December 5, 1872 - Colonel F. Bason became the first postmaster for Baldwin City.

1872-74 - Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad Company laid track from Saginaw to Ludington.

May 1, 1873- John F. Radcliffe established THE STAR. (Lake County Star Newspaper)

Late 1870s - An Episcopal church was established in building where Guy R. Hunt Funeral Home stood (now Verdun Funeral Home) on Seventh Street.

April 30, 1875 – 75 to 100 men from Baldwin stole the county safe from Chase.

August 24, 1875 - The Lake County seat was legally changed from Chase to Baldwin.

1877 – Lake County Clerk authorized the construction of a county privy and jail in Baldwin.

1880s - The Congregational church was established where the present structure stands.

October 8, 1883 - Baldwin was incorporated into a village.

1886 – Lake County Courthouse was built for $6,500 on land given by the Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad. (present location today)

1886 – Fire levels the east side of the Baldwin business block.

1896 – Entire east side of the Baldwin business block burned.