DAN SLOAN: Regarding the Sheriff's Department policies

To the Editor,

Last week’s article on the Sheriff's Department policy raised serious concerns for me, which all citizens of Lake County should share.  The county has just gone through legal action when a deputy illegally assumed office as a commissioner, against the law.  The court ruled in favor of the county, but it still cost the taxpayers several thousand dollars in legal costs.

Other than recent history, two issues concern me regarding these so-called doubts.  One, the board of commissioners has no business telling the sheriff what policies to implement.  That is against the constitution.  Two, this policy is a standard policy in place in many sheriff departments across the state and its purpose is to prevent discord in the department so that the focus remains public safety, not who the next sheriff will be.  To my fellow board members, follow the law instead of criticizing a policy just because you back another candidate.  The real immorality here is when political agendas become more important than public safety.

Under this policy, anyone may still run for sheriff, deputy or otherwise.  If someone believes they will make a better sheriff, by all means run; but don’t expect the expect the tax payers to provide them with a job cushion and endanger public safety in Lake County, just so they can get a better paying job.

Dan Sloan

Lake County Commissioner, District Three