RODNEY -- CranHill Ranch made the decision to cancel all summer camps last week, and staff already have started discussing what impacts it will have on the nonprofit moving forward.

"We've been doing this for 52 years, and it's heart-breaking," CranHill President Scott Barger said of the cancellations.

The decision to cancel camps came for a variety of reasons, Barger said.

Those reasons included the health and safety of campers and workers, as well as the lack of clarity from the state about when camps would be allowed to open for the summer.

"It just became more and more clear this is going to be a longer journey," he said, noting it made more sense to cancel now before they were too deep into planning summer programs.

However, the decision to cancel camps did not come without a lot of thought, Barger said.

According to him, as a nonprofit campground, most of their revenue comes from the nine to 10 weeks of camping programs offered in the summer.

With the loss of spring camps and all summer camps, Barger said the organization is close to $250,000 in debt.

"It's a major financial impact. It's impacted camps just like it's impacted businesses," he said. "A lot of camps are going to face major losses if they survive at all."

Though suffering financial losses, the nonprofit is looking ahead to see what it can do when facilities are allowed to fully reopen.

Barger said they have began discussing what this will mean for visitors and what health guidelines they will need to implement in the future.

"It's going to be a different post-COVID-19 world," he said, noting CranHill Ranch will continue to think about the best ways to serve the community while keeping everyone safe.

Cranhill Ranch's campsites are closed through May 28.

However, the convenience store recently opened back up to customers on Fridays and Saturdays and locals are still welcome to walk CranHill's many trails while following social distancing guidelines.