BALDWIN -- The Lake County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to place the ambulance millage renewal on the August ballot at its meeting April 22.

Approval of the ballot proposal will ensure continuation of the millage currently being paid by residents in Lake County at a partially reduced rate of .75 mills.

County Administrator Tobi Lake said, "The reduced rate of .75 mills will allow us more than enough to pay the bills and not dip into the fund balance. This is a cap reduction, so you cannot go above the .75 mills."

In other business, the BOC approved a resolution recognizing May as Mental Health Awareness Month.

Mental Health Awareness has been observed in May in the United States since 1949. Each year, Mental Health America releases a toolkit of materials to help guide outreach to individuals suffering from mental health issues through media, local events and screenings.

The BOC also approved the authorization for the Sheriff's Department to purchase three new Ford Explorer Interceptors at a total cost not to exceed $112,548.

The funds for the purchase will come form the Sheriff's Department budget.

The new vehicles will replace three current vehicles that have over 100,000 miles and were set to be replaced around the four- to five-year time frame.

In addition, the BOC approved the payment of $47,622 for equipment from Pro Com, Inc., to outfit the new cars.

The BOC also approved an authorization of the city manager to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the District Health Department No. 10 regarding the possible use of the Residential Re-entry Program facility to house isolation patients during the COVID-19 crisis.

Lake told the board that he had been in discussions with the health department and they are interested in accelerating the project.

"They toured the facility," Lake said. "There is bedding and sheets, and residents can be put in their own rooms. We have the facility sitting there, all we will need to do is get the heat turned on."

The BOC is continuing to look at candidates to fill the unexpired term on the Road Commission. In discussions, board members looked at available applicants and narrowed their choices down to the top three, which include William H. Atkinson, Joan Runnels, and Gaylen Madison.

The BOC will be conducting final interviews with the candidates and will then make its appointment.

The candidate that is chosen will complete the current term, and then have the option to run for the seat during the November election.