Contract for Residential Re-Entry Program finalized

LAKE COUNTY — Sheriff Richard Martin has announced the finalization of a new contract between the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Lake County and the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC).

The contract is a renewal of a former agreement for the joint operation of the Lake County Residential Re-Entry Program.

Parolees housed at the LCRRP facility include both male and female, non-violent parolees who are placed there as a condition of their parole for 90 to 120 days.

The offender may be required to attend and participate in specific programming prior to their release to the community. Offenders may also be placed at LCRRP to engage in programming as an intervention to address behaviors causing a downward spiral in their transition within the community, Martin explained.

Comprehensive and structured programming offered at LCRRP includes, but is not limited to facilitated groups addressing substance abuse education and therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, employment placement assistance, Alcohol anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and in-facility non-paying jobs. The intent of the program is to enhance public safety and parole success.

The new contract begins Oct. 1, 2017, and is a three-year agreement with language allowing two 1-year renewal periods which could generate between $15 - $28 million between 2017 and 2022.

The county owns the LCRRP, and the sheriff’s deputies provide custody and security of the facility. The sheriff also is responsible for providing on-site medical and food services for the inmates.

“The MDOC appreciates the hard work and dedication shown by all who work at the Lake County site,” said Kyle Kaminski, reentry administrator for the Michigan Department of Corrections. “This recently renewed contract will ensure that the MDOC continues to have an important tool for the supervision, programming and sanctioning of parolees to help protect public safety throughout the state.”

Martin is pleased with all collaborative efforts involved.

“The sheriff’s office and the MDOC have enjoyed a long-standing partnership since 1991,” Martin said. “We are long-term partners and we appreciate the professional and collaborative efforts we share. This facility helps all of us; the State of Michigan, the MDOC, the Sheriff’s Office and Lake County. We are very appreciative of the professional men and women of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office who work at the LCRRP. We have a great staff and they do an excellent job. Even though their job can be difficult, our staff works as a team and keeps our community safe.”