LAKE COUNTY — Each December, Lake County Board of Commissioners budget for services provided by Michigan State University Extension for the following year. Some years, the funding is cut back, but this year, MSUE staff were pleased to learn the commissioners approved increased funding.

Last year, with the Michigan State University Extension memorandum of agreement for 2018, services were decreased to allow for the base fee of $38,219 for an MSUE educator assigned to Lake County and a 4-H director at half time.

Upon request of MSUE, this year the commissioners approved $28,000 in additional funds to the base fee to help with utilities and other expenses at the MSUE office. They also increased the 4-H director to three-fourths time in the county. The only request commissioners declined was hiring a secretary for the MSUE office.

“We are scaling services up a little. Congratulations,” said Lake County Administrator Tobi Lake to MSUE staff last Wednesday at the commissioner meeting.

Some of the services provided by MSUE in Lake County include a 4-H program with director Laurie Platte Breza; services by land-use educator, Ryan Coffey, to assist the county’s planning commission and parks and recreation commission; Kendra Wills, nutrition educator; Pam Daniels, who specializes in disease prevention and management; Kendra Gibson, SNAP Education Program Instructor; and other specialists.