Commissioner not to seek re-election

Dan Sloan
Dan Sloan

CHASE — County Commissioner Dan Sloan announced on Feb. 16 he will not seek re-election to represent the third district of Lake County in November.

Sloan was first elected in November of 2012 and took office on Jan. 1, 2013.

"Several personal issues have confronted me that will require my time and attention," Sloan said.

Reflecting on his service with the county board, Sloan mentioned several initiatives he will look back on with pride. This includes the push for a new ambulance facility in the eastern half of the county, changes in the county administration to address the structural deficit in the county’s budget, the formation of the Lake County Economic Development Alliance, with representation from nearly every sector of the county, and nearly $150,000 of commitments to begin the process of addressing the county’s employment and poverty challenges.

"My one regret is not being able to continue the push for an east-side ambulance," Sloan said. "The people of the county, and particularly the Luther area, really need this life-saving expansion of service. I hope Commissioner Stenger can step up and continue this effort. County administrator Tobi Lake is doing a fine job, but I hope the board continues to address the structural deficit in the budget and keeps a close eye on the duties of the county and to care for their constituents."

Sloan intends to curtail his activities with the county board, but he added he will fulfill the responsibility he took on to represent the public.

"I will continue to represent the people of the third district to the best of my abilities through the remainder of this term," he remarked.