Clugston recalls value of youth sports

BALDWIN - Tyler Clugston recalls the active days of sports participation at Baldwin High School.

He graduated in 2017 but not before an active sports career. He was involved in football, bowling, basketball and baseball.

Clugston has noted the decline recently in Baldwin area sports, particularly in the era of COVID and quarantines.

"There's just no youth programs in the area anymore," he noted. "When I was a kid, growing with the group of classes of 2015, 2016 and 2017, we all played sports together as kids. In the summer, we played Little League baseball. In the fall it was rocket football. In the winter we had youth basketball league.

"We all grew up playing sports and it transitioned into high school. But they don't have those programs anymore. That's a lot of what's going on with Baldwin sports."

Clouston was involved in football, baseball, basketball and bowling.

"My favorite sport has always been baseball," he said. "I'm still doing a little bit of it. I've played in a slo-pitch softball league."

He, his brother Alan Clugston and Ryan Kolenbrander bowl in a Thursday night league at the Baldwin Bowling Center.