LAKE COUNTY — Township and municipality officials are invited to attend a free class about the proper procedures on passing ordinances in accordance to the Michigan Planning and Enabling Act.

The class, offered by the Lake County Planning Commission, will take place at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 25, at Webber Township Hall.

Ryan Coffey, land-use educator for Michigan State University Extension, will teach the class, which he said should last less than an hour.

The procedures for police ordinances and zoning ordinances will be discussed, in addition to how to be in compliance with the Michigan Planning and Enabling Act.

“I encourage all townships to participate, even if they don’t have zoning. They may want to pass a non-zoning ordinance at some point, and this will instruct how to properly do so,” said Lake County Planning Commission Chair Ernie Wogatzke. “The class also is free. People have to pay anywhere from $35 to $300 to take classes online. As long as the county is using MSU Extension, we should take advantage of the services they offer.”