Class of 2011 receives what is promised

BALDWIN - Baldwin Community Schools and the Baldwin Promise Authority handed out the second set of Baldwin Promise Scholarship Certificates on Thursday, June 2, to the Class of 2011. Friday night, 21 students came across the stage and received their diplomas.

This fall, Baldwin High School graduates in the class of 2010 and 2011 have the Baldwin Promise if they are attending a Michigan college. Under the current Baldwin Promise Plan, up to four years of tuition and fees up to $5,000 per year, are available to all Baldwin High School graduates to go to college in Michigan. Fifteen of the 23 graduates from the class of 2010 attended college this last year and three more students from that class intend to use their Baldwin Promise awards starting this fall.

Now, 21 more students from the Class of 2011 have the Baldwin Promise for the next four years. In April of 2011, Baldwin opened a College Access Center at the school and has a full-time Promise Zone Coordinator, Ayana Richardson, working with all Baldwin students to help them find success in school and in college.

The Baldwin staff and school board and the Baldwin Promise Authority members all believe that encouraging and supporting more students to go to college and be successful there improves students’ chances for success in their career.

Baldwin Community Schools remain committed to helping every student become successful in life whether they attend college or not.