LAKE COUNTY — Local officials had an opportunity to increase their knowledge about land-use right in Lake County. The Lake County Planning Commission hosted a six-week Citizen Planner class.

The class, taught by Michigan State University Extension educators, met each Wednesday the past six weeks at Webber Township Hall.

The course offers land-use education for locally appointed and elected planning officials and other interested residents throughout the state.

This non-credit course leads to a certificate of completion awarded by MSU Extension.

Some of the topics included understanding planning and zoning, planning for the future of communities, implementing plans with zoning, making zoning decisions, using innovative planning and zoning and fulfilling roles with ethical decision-making skills.

Melissa Herington, new on the county’s planning commission, said the course was very helpful.

Ernie Wogatzke, Lake County Planning Commission chair, said there was a full house with 20 attending.

Most were county residents, but some came from outside of the county.

“There was a very good turnout. We started out with 13 in the class, and ended up at 20. Everyone will be taking a test online for certification,” he said.

Wogatzke said the Lake County Planning Commission will be hosting more classes later this year, including instruction of Robert’s Rules of Order, what goes into minites and other information pertaining to public meetings.

This will be in August at a date yet to be scheduled. In October, there will be a class on medical marijuana versus recreational marijuana.

“We want townships to have the training they need to do things legally and have useful information,” he said.