Church to host performance by faith choir 'Evidence'

BALDWIN — Lake Community Bible Church will be hosting the faith and choir group "Evidence" during a special performance meant to spread the Gospel to others in ways both fun and powerful.

Presenting their views and experiences in a variety of ways, they will be performing at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 18, at the Lake Community Bible Church.

"As their name 'Evidence' indicates, they present the evidence for Christ and Christianity through songs, skits and testimonials," explained Rev. Robert Sponable, pastor of the Lake Community Bible Church. "It will be an encouragement to believers and a challenge for those who don't know Christ."

The group is based out of Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, MO. As members of the choir, they tour around the country to minister at different churches. Although they focus on churches affiliated with the Independent Fundamental Churches International organization, they say people from all denominations are welcome at their events.

Sponable said he was happy when the group reached out to him and is very impressed by both their mission and their results.

"There's 13 of them and, to me, what's especially great is to see young people, who are committed to Christ and give so much of their time and to spreading His word," said Sponable. "They don't do this for money. We collect a few donations to help with gas and other expenses, but they are doing this for God."

Sponable hopes people consider seeing a group he considers an inspiration for those who want to live a Christian life.

"These are great servants in a time when so many people are selfish," said Sponable. "Our mission is to share the Gospel and provide a place of worship, and that's exactly what this group does."

There is no cost to attend, but Sponable said donations to Evidence are appreciated. More information can be found by calling Lake Community Bible Church at (231) 898-2567, or by email at