CHASE — As a newly formed nonprofit group, Chase Main Street Foundation is not only opening its arms to Chase-area residents, but to the surrounding area as well.

The foundation plans to make life a little easier for families and to provide community support and assistance where needed.

Heather Streicher and Jake DePew, two members of the foundation, have been reaching out to the community since March 16, when the group was approved as a 501(c)3.

“Chase Main Street Foundation came about as a group to support the Chase Pickle Festival, the main fundraising event for the Chase Township Public Library. As a nonprofit, this opens the door for grants and other opportunities — not just for the library, but for the community and Lake County in general, with a focus on the Chase area,” Streicher said. “If the foundation strictly benefited the library, we would be limited in what we can do in the community. It is a catch-all — we help with the festival and the township in general. We help families in need of assistance whether there is a sickness, death or house fire.

“A couple of weeks ago, we submitted a grant on behalf of the township for a roof for the library from Great Lakes Energy People Fund. The township wouldn’t be able to apply if it weren’t for us being a nonprofit.”

The group also will help with regular library events, such as sponsoring the library Christmas party and the trunk-or-treat.

DePew said the group is looking at upgrading technology at the library, such as printers that are more cost efficient and, eventually, computers.

“We are looking at doing events throughout the year to generate money besides grants. We have to come up with off-season events to accumulate money. We would love to have more people join in with ideas or become involved to help the community,” he said.

Streicher said money generated from the Chase Pickle Festival doesn’t go toward the Chase Main Street Foundation. The funds from the festival go solely toward supporting the library.

To contact Chase Main Street Foundation, email