Celebrating Black History Month

Students learn about accomplishments of famous African Americans

During February, in addition to their regular monthly theme, the students at FiveCAP Bitely Head Start center learned about famous African Americans and their accomplishments during Black History Month.

Violet Brown, center director at Bitely, said she makes sure to incorporate the lessons in group time throughout the month.

“I got a memory match game a couple of years ago that involves pairing each person with their accomplishment,” Brown said, adding that the preschool children have really taken to the game and learned a great deal during the month.

“For example,” Brown continued, “they know Martin Luther King Jr. wanted all boys and girls to be treated the same, they know Gwendolyn Brooks was an author and that Thurgood Marshall was the first black Supreme Court justice. They know them all – that Matthew Hanson was the first person to go to the North Pole and George Washington Carver found ways to use peanuts.”

Brown said the game offers many options and each year she chooses a few for the kids to focus on. She dedicates a bulletin board to the effort and each day during February they play the memory match game.

Even at their young ages, Brown said the knowledge sticks with the preschoolers. For many of her students, this is their second year in the program and they remembered many of the people and their accomplishments they learned about last year.