Carr Settlement reunion celebrates heritage

The annual Carr Settlement reunion took place on the traditional date, the first Monday in August, at the Scottville Optimist Hall. The gathering was well attended by people who have a connection to the early settlers of the community and subsequent families who lived there, many of whom still do.

The day began with the Pledge of Allegiance, a blessing and remembrance of those who have passed away since the last gathering. This year remembrance included Don Vanas, Dick Ferenz, Bob Tyndall, Cecil Tyndall, Larry Tyndall, Bruce Lindsay, Betty Taylor and Dr. Ned Krohn.

By all accounts, it was once again an enjoyable day. There were smiling faces, hand shakes and hugs. Tummies were full from the delicious lunch provided by Kaz’ Catering, fun stories were recalled and many wonderful door prizes won by lucky people.

In addition to enlarged pages of plat maps from early years, “show ‘n tell” items echoed historical events, obsolete tools and even gas station items no longer used.

Catherine Reed brought large, delicate gas pump toppers that once graced her husband’s Lansing station. They were stashed in her basement, having long ago been replaced by today’s neon signs. There were reading materials brought by individuals and historical accounts from the Lake County Historical Society, courtesy of Bruce Micinski.

Most of the door prizes were handmade and show off incredible talent.  Many generous attendees donated intricately hand-carved items, expertly crafted jewelry, stunning large and small framed photographs, perfectly and cleverly sewn tote bags, cozy blankets, pot holders, basket centerpieces with delicate glass fruit, several books and other numerous items.

Two lucky ticket holders won $44 each from the 50/25/25; one of whom quietly donated the money back to the reunion slush fund. Mattie Tagliereni, granddaughter of Nancy Vasicek Tagliereni, was a great assistant with the tickets.

Other attendees from Baldwin were Jane Gibson Miller and daughter-in-law, Sheila Miller; Beth Ann Blass-Murphy; Barbara Blass-Frisbey; and Robert Rhine, Jr. and his sister, Shirley Rhine Yeck, of Crystal River, Fla.

Those from Branch/Carrs included Sam Barnett; Roger Beadle; Wilma Bogner; brothers, Chuck, Mike and Bill Cole; Russell Frank; Glenna Avery LaPointe and her daughter, Pam Rankin; Laura Taylor McCumber; Skip MacDougall; Ruth Ann Johnston McLellen; Bruce Micinski; Roger and Anna Thompson Peterson; Dorothy Porenta; Eugene and Pat Proue; and Karlene Madison Radar.

Scottville people included Ellen Paulsen Chisholm; Ray and Betty Edel; Denny Holden; and Rod Merrill.

Custer participants were Pat McCumber Arnouts; Leah Roberts and her daughter, Laurie Bialochowski, attending with Leah’s mother, Arville Cole Stewart, of Ludington; and Clint and Mary Lou Cole, of Dunlap, Tenn. Also in attendance were Dick McCumber; Ellen Tallquist Shoup; Carol Tallquist Switkovitz; Uvilla Tyndall Stickney; and Martha Sanders, who taught school in Custer from 1955 through 1986, and enjoyed seeing several former students.

Fountain attendees were Jerry and Shirley Johnson Chancellor and her brother, Richard Johnson, of Rialto, Calif.; Louis LaRocque and his sister, Esther LaRocque Cooper, of Honor; Doc and Skip McCumber; and Leonard and Laura Tauchus.

From Ludington were Lorraine Peterson Abrahamson; Vickie Anthony; Margaret Burke Baker accompanied by her son, Rod Baker; Charlie Dietz and his sister, Pearl Dietz Hilden; Betty Johnston; Ray and Mary Abel Nash; Chic Taylor Payne; Walt Grover and Jean Kwiatkowski; Sandra Shindeldecker and sister-in-law, Gerry Flanery; and Grace Smalley Yeager.

Family and friends from other areas were Gordy and Nancy Bogner, of DeWitt; June Patterson Davis, of Chase; Paul and Linda Hammond, of Honor; Catherine Reed, of Lansing ,accompanied by her daughter, Linda Hodges, of Midland; Adrian, Jane and Scott Lindsay, of Howard City; Kathleen Lindsay, of Hesperia; Bob and Vickie Striker MacDougall, of Newaygo; Delora Carr Wilkins and her sister, Marie Carr Marckini, of Grand Rapids, and Marie’s daughter, Michele Magle; Elwin and Mildred Shell, of Sparta; Ron and Elaine Patterson Stieg, of LeRoy; and Vicki Wallace, of Idlewild.

Friendships and memories matter. Anyone is welcome to join the event which always takes place the first Monday in August.