COVE support group starting in Lake County

LAKE COUNTY — A support group for COVE, Communities Overcoming Violent Encounters, recently has started in Lake County. The group meets at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. The locations are kept private so offenders don't know victims' whereabouts. Anyone interested in attending is asked to call group coordinator Chris Turnbull at (231) 745-8122.

"This is a support group to offer a time of listening, sharing, education, safety planning and needs for victims of violence or sexual assault," he said. "We will also feature training in self-defense, grief recovery, financial freedom and healthy food choices. We have a weekly group that meets in Mason County on Tuesday nights, but we decided to start a group in Lake County as well."

COVE services Lake, Mason and Oceana counties.

Turnbull explained COVE offers a 24-hour crisis line and legal