Bumstead helps end retiree health care insurance for lawmakers

LANSING – State Rep. Jon Bumstead recently voted in favor of legislation ending retiree health care benefits for Michigan lawmakers.

House Bill 4087, which affects Bumstead, ends the longtime health care perk that lawmakers currently receive after only serving six years in the Legislature. For decades, Michigan lawmakers have enjoyed health insurance funded by taxpayers that starts at age 55.

“Everyone needs to do their part to help get Michigan back on track and that includes current, past and future lawmakers,” said Bumstead, R-Newaygo. “I’m proud that we’re ending this lavish perk and setting an example for sharing in the sacrifice now to give our state a bright future.”

Michigan lawmakers took a 10-percent pay cut that started in January, and also saw budget reductions for their individual Lansing offices.

HB 4087 now heads to the Senate for consideration.