Blood drive, trash cleanup this month

Please keep in your prayers Barbara Johnson who suffered a heart attack while vacationing out west last week. The latest word we have is that Barb had surgery and is doing much better.

I remind you once again that the 23rd annual Luther Lioness Blood Drive will be held from noon until 5:45 p.m. on Aug. 26. The drive will take place at the Luther Lions Building, on State Road, north of town. Walk-ins are welcome, but if you would like an appointment feel free to call me at (231) 797-5541. Please remember to bring either a picture ID, or your donor card.

As I mentioned in the above paragraph, this will be 23 years that the Lioness Club has been sponsoring blood drives, and we are very proud of the participation we have had all these years. You may recall that when we first called the Red Cross to inquire about sponsoring a blood drive, their representative laughed at me, and said, “You can’t hold a blood drive. Your town is too small.” Well, I guess you know that’s all it took to get our club working to prove their representative wrong. The rest is history!

The annual Trash Cleanup will be held on Aug. 17 starting at 8 a.m., beside the Luther-Newkirk Hall. Please bring your tax bill or receipt for township or village identification purposes. Be prepared to unload your vehicle. Volunteers to help unload trash are always welcome.

Accepted items:

Scrap iron, empty burn barrels, refrigeration units, auto batteries and open paint cans with dried up paint. Items must be bagged, bundled or boxed.

Items not accepted:

TV’s (take to Goodwill store in Cadillac for disposal), computers, printers and monitors, chemicals, hazardous waste, motor oil, liquid paint, paint thinners, yard waste and household trash, unbundled shingles, trailers or vehicles with scrap building materials.

If there is a line, please try not to block entrances to businesses or property owner’s driveway.

Since I have no earth shaking news to share with you, here are a couple of stories that might give you a chuckle.

There was a famous doctor, an old man and a Boy Scout on an airplane with engine failure. Unfortunately, there were only two parachutes. The quick thinking doctor stated, “I am the smartest man here and also in the world,” so he jumped out! The old man said, “My time has been good and the end Is near! Go on kid.” The Boy Scout replied, “No that is okay. The smartest man in the world was in such a hurry, he just jumped out with my knapsack.”

A salesman telephoned a household, and a 4-year-old boy answered. Salesman: “May I speak to your mother?” Boy: “She’s busy right now.” Salesman: “Well, is anyone else there?” Boy: “My sister.” Salesman: “Ok, fine. May I speak to her?” Boy: “I guess so.”

At this point there was a long silence on the phone. Then, Boy: “Hello?” Salesman: “It’s you. I thought you were going to get your sister.” Boy: “I tried, but I can’t get her out of the playpen!”

Thought for the week: Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.