BALDWIN — Some individuals are extremely busy, but never too much to avoid buck hunting.

That includes Tyler Clugston and Ryan Kolenbrander of Baldwin. The two friends recently had success buck hunting. Clugston is a 2017 Baldwin graduate and currently a student at Central Michigan University. Kolenbrander is a junior at CMU.

“I have been really busy with classes at Central Michigan University,” Clugston said. “Things are going great for me. I went home the weekend of the bow opener and shot a nice 9 point opening morning. He came in right at first light. Double lung shot and he only went about 100 yards. I got him down to the Meat Shack and headed back to Mount Pleasant by 3.

“Ryan Kolenbrander called later that day and he shot a big 8 point on his Uncle John's property.”

Clugston is majoring in Environmental Sciences and minoring in biology at CMU.

“I'm hoping to land in a career field around conservation of wildlife and environments in Michigan,” Clugston said.

But he's also hoping to get out and do more hunting this fall.

Bow season continues through Nov. 14 and resumes on Dec. 1 after rifle season closes.