Baldwin school officials hand-deliver diplomas to graduates

Rick Heitmeyer: 'It was really memorable'

BALDWIN -- While unable to celebrate with their peers, Baldwin Community Schools seniors had the unique opportunity to graduate in their backyards.

"It was awesome," Baldwin Superintendent Rick Heitmeyer said.

Heitmeyer, along with the BCS board of education and various school administrators, went to all 22 seniors' homes Thursday to congratulate them and give them their diplomas.

Getting to every home took about five hours, but Heitmeyer said it was worth it.

"It was really memorable," he said. "We're just really proud of them for sticking with it."

Heitmeyer said while delivering students their diplomas does not replace a traditional ceremony, he was glad to be able to provide a unique experience for Baldwin seniors.

"We looked at a lot of different options, but we felt if we waited any longer it wouldn't be as meaningful," he said.

While Baldwin school officials celebrated with students, a group of Baldwin alumni also went around Thursday placing signs in seniors' yards to congratulate them for completing their final year at Baldwin Community Schools.

"All of our local people are participating," Susan McConnell, a BCS Class of 1974 graduate, said.

The group consisted of eight Baldwin alumni, who also placed yard signs at the school.

Signs were paid for by Baldwin Promise and offered students words of congratulations during their graduation day.

"They weren't able to have the graduation ceremony they were supposed to have so we're just happy to do this for them," McConnell said.