BALDWIN — Andon Ware, a 2013 graduate of Baldwin High School, is reaching for his dreams.

The 22 year-old graduate of Notre Dame University with a bachelor’s degree in pre-med biology will be attending Villanova University this fall to become an anesthesiologist.

Ware moved from Michigan to the suburbs of Philadelphia this past week, where he will attend the university beginning Aug. 27.

“I am very excited,” he said. “Growing up, you never thought you’d be in a certain area, or reach a certain goal. I am excited to further advance in my field. When I was younger, there was a moment which solidified my career choice — when I attended the Allied Health program at West Shore Community College. I loved it and kept going in that direction. It was then I really knew I wanted to go into health care.”

Ware said he received a lot of community support along the way and was awarded a sports scholarship to attend Notre Dame.

“I had a lot of family support,” he said. “When I struggled in a class, family and friends helped me find a way to get through it and helped me get where I am. It was good to have that extra motivation.”

Ware’s mother, Shawn Washington, president of the Baldwin Community Schools Board of Education, is proud of her son’s accomplishments and hopes it can motivate others to achieve their dreams.

“As his parents we are extremely proud of our son, like any parent would be,” she said. “I am extremely proud to say he is a 2013 graduate of Baldwin Community Schools. For some reasons there is a misconception about people who have graduated from our fine institution of learning. The community should be supporting the education system that has produced teachers, judges, lawyers, attorneys, law enforcement, bankers, social workers, principals, superintendents, nurses, physicians, businessmen/women and many entrepreneurs.

“That’s not even half the list of people I know who are making a difference in the lives of others in the communities where they work and live. I think it’s about time we really start looking inward at what each student/family is putting into the educational system to support success.

“My son is your son, my daughter is your daughter. We all have the same opportunity to show up in our children’s lives bringing the best we have and working with the school to make it happen for students. I want my son’s story to motivate every young person at Baldwin Community Schools to believe in themselves, know their worth and strive to be better today than yesterday.”