BALDWIN — As members from the Baldwin Lions Club marched into third-grade classrooms, students’ eyes were wide with anticipation as they were handed brand new dictionaries.

Last Tuesday, Oct. 11, Harry Johnson, Laura Johnson and Barb Brown handed out 57 dictionaries to Baldwin Community School third-graders.

Students from Melissa Johnson’s class were thrilled with their new dictionaries and knew the importance the contents.

“If you have trouble with a word, you can go to whatever letter it begins with and sound it out and get the right spelling,” said Jazzlyn Rogers.

For Alyssa Tolin, a dictionary had another use.

“I can use my dictionary to help my little brother and sister to learn a word,” she said.

Colin Sherman said the dictionary is so important and he can read it from beginning to end. Melissa Johnson concurred he indeed could.

“It is really important for my class to know how to use dictionaries,” said Melissa. “It will help my students become more familiar with topics we are learning such as alphabetic order and how to use the glossary.”