Baldwin Family Health Care holds health fair, clothes swap

BALDWIN — As part of the celebration of National Community Health Center Week, Baldwin Family Health Center held a free community health fair and clothing swap last week.

“The second week in August in is National Community Health Center Week,” said Terri Vanias, Baldwin Family Health Center facilities manager and coordinator of the health fair. “Our national association sponsors that and encourages community health centers like us to promote ourselves and the services that we offer to our community. (Health centers) can do it in any fashion that (they) want to, but we choose the health fair to promote all the local community agencies.”

This year’s health fair, held on  Aug. 14, was the second ever fair held at the center. Last year, the fair included less than 10 vendors, Vanias said, but this year’s fair had 26 local agencies that participated. In addition to health screenings provided by the health center, the fair included the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Michigan State Police, an ambulance, fire truck and other local agencies. The fair also featured children’s games and food.

Vanias estimates that nearly 300 people came through the fair.

In addition to the the health fair, the health center also held its fourth annual clothing swap at Baldwin Elementary School on Saturday.

Health center employees and community members donated new and used clothing, and members of community were welcome to help themselves to the clothing. Those at the swap also received gift cards for shoes, school supplies, hygiene and dental kits.

A total of 159 adults and 227 children benefited from the swap, Vanias said.

Baldwin Family Health Center plans to continue holding the health fair each year and organizers hope its grows with more vendors and more participants, she added.