BCS goes green to save energy

Baldwin Community Schools is working both to save energy and money as Baldwin’s energy savings program shows positive results. This is the first full heating season we have experienced with new boilers in both buildings and the new lighting that was purchased through a performance contract with Technical Energy Performance Group last year. The performance contract guarantees that the energy cost savings will, at minimum, pay for the loan payments of the investment made by the school in the new boilers, new lighting and other energy cost savings investments over the 10 years of the loan. Both the school and the company monitor the energy usage and the company will pay the difference if the cost savings derived from the new equipment does not pay for the annual loan payments.

TEPG gave a presentation to the Board of Education last month that demonstrated the positive results of the first full season of energy usage at Baldwin Community Schools. Although we believe that there are still areas where we can save additional energy and the affiliated costs that go with more efficient use of the new climate control system we are pleased with the results so far.

We also believe that educating students about the need to conserve our precious natural resources is an important part of their education. Closing outside doors and turning off lights when rooms are empty are things both students and faculty can help with. We want to raise the level of awareness to a point where our next generation of citizens understand that being environmentally friendly is necessary, both to save money and to live in harmony with nature for the long-term benefit of our planet.

We encourage all citizens to consider ways we can save dollars while we preserve our natural resources. We are proud that at Baldwin Community Schools, our investments have saved both energy and dollars.

Think green!