Approaching deadline

Foundation announces grant application deadline

LAKE COUNTY - There are a lot of good causes, projects and programs throughout the Lake County area that could use a little bit of a financial shot in the arm.

There is an organization in the county that could and would readily and willingly help out with funding for projects or program that better the quality of life for people around the extended neighborhood.

It’s time to bring the two together.

The Lake County Community Foundation has been awarding grant funding for community orientated projects since 1993.

For 19 years, members of the Foundation have gathered to consider applications for projects that could improve the Lake County community in the areas of education, environment, health, human services, community development and cultural activities and program development for seniors and young people alike.

Money for the funding of these important grants has been raised through the creation of permanent endowments.

This year is no different, but time is running short.

The deadline for grant applications is at 4 p.m. on March 19.

“We have a good amount of money set aside to be used in support of projects created for the good of our county,” reported Linda Rubin, LCCF grant committee chair.

“We certainly hope this program will continue to be important in forming partnerships between the Foundation and other outreach groups throughout the area.

“We’ve tried hard over the past few years to extend our outreach to the farthest corners of our county.

“The LCCF is a foundation for all of Lake County, not just a limited area.

“We hope that groups in outlying areas will know they too can tap into important funding we have available for their community projects and programs.”

Rubin noted the LCCF team had been active in reaching out to townships and communities throughout Lake County to better inform them of the funding opportunities available for them.

“Folks donate money to the Foundation in order for us to disperse this money in the form of grants for community projects,” continued Rubin.

“That is exactly what we hope to do.”

In this grant cycle ending March 19, the Foundation has close to $100,000 available for distribution although the exact figure is yet to be determined.

The Foundation, a non-profit public charity, recognizes the need to be flexible in its policies so that it might be responsive to creative or innovative proposals.

Charitable organizations that are qualified as exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code or by legal definition (i.e., schools and government agencies) are eligible to request grant funds up to $2000 per proposal.

Grant application packets are available at Baldwin Lumber (231-745-4671) or on the website at

Newsletters are available at all area libraries, at the Baldwin Lumber Company, or at Lake Osceola State Bank.