Agencies extinguish Baldwin fire, no injuries reported

BALDWIN -- Several fire agencies battled through windy conditions to extinguish a fire in the Baldwin area.

The fire was in the vicinity of South James Road between 32nd and 24th streets Friday, May 21. Initially, Webber Fire Department was dispatched to contain the fire, according to a news release from the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

As a result, Webber, Pleasant Plains, and Yates fire departments, as well as DNR Fire, U.S. Forest Service Fire, and the Lake County Sheriff's Office, all responded.

The fire continued to spread and evacuation notifications were made by law enforcement and fire personnel. Within the zone, about 32 homes were to be potentially impacted. The wind created more problems, and the smoke and fire threatened the Lake County Animal Control building.

Efforts were made by the Lake County Sheriff's Office, Emergency Management, and Yates Dial-a-Ride to evacuate the animals. All the animals were evacuated and were on stand-by to be transported to surrounding counties animal control locations.

This was a coordinated effort by dispatch and personnel on scene. Emergency Management executed Lake County's first IPAWS -- emergency alert message -- to broadcast stations, and cellular devices within Lake County to evacuate the area.

The fire impacted between 25-45 acres and no homes or structures were impacted. Central Dispatch and Emergency Management coordinated with Webber Township officials to open up a shelter to any potentially displaced individuals. Fire department air tankers were able to deliver multiple loads of water to extinguish and suppress the fire.

The American Red Cross was involved to assist potentially displaced individuals, and assist with support efforts to those on scene.

Osceola County, Mason County Emergency Managers, and the Michigan State Police District Coordinator all reached out to Lake County to assist in any means. The responding and coordinating agencies were able to get control of the fire without any damage to structures, casualties, or displaced citizens.