AMVETS receive special flag

LAKE COUNTY – In a touching ceremony held last Thursday, June 30, an American flag which had flown in Afghanistan was presented to the local AMVETS post. Making the patriotic gesture was Sgt. F. F. C. Robert Maclean, who has just finished a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan and is about to return for another.

This special memorial is part of a program called “Flags in the Face of the Enemy.” To honor U. S. veterans with a tangible show of support, the Stars and Stripes is displayed in combat zones for exactly nine hours and 11 minutes (as a remembrance of the Sept. 11 tragedy) and then brought home and donated to an AMVETS post. Several such tributes have already been made throughout the country.

Proudly accepting the flag from Maclean were local veterans Duane Dewey and Jack Shoop.

The event had special significance for Maclean: “I am a graduate of Baldwin High School,” he noted, “and I wanted to show my appreciation of the Vets of this community.” When asked if he believed if U. S. military objectives had been achieved in Afghanistan, Maclean declined to express an opinion. “I’m just there to do my job, like all the other soldiers stationed there. It’s good to have this occasion to honor our Armed Forces and the fine men and women from Baldwin who have done their best for our country.”