1940: Off the Press

From the Lake County Star September 27, 1940 Edition

1.     DRAFT BOARD FOR COUNTY AWAITS GOVERNOR’S SAY. With registration for conscripted service to stare Oct. 16, Lake County is waiting the appointment of the local board by Governor Dickinson. The boards are to be named by the governor with the approval of the president. It is expected that it will be made up of two Republicans and one Democrat, but nothing defined is known.

Every eligible man between 21 and 35 must fill out a registration card to be filed with the county draft board. The card is simple in form, requiring: Name and address; Phone number, if any; Age, date and place of birth; Country of citizenship; Name of person who always knows your address; Address of that person; Employer’s name and address; Place of employment or business.

2.     Sheriff and Mrs. Henry J. Smith arrived at five o’clock Friday morning concluding a 5,000 mile automobile trip to the Pacific coast after “John Doe” of Dover Township, charged with selling mortgaged property and embezzlement. The trip was made without incident by the sheriff and his wife who is undersheriff. Nights they stopped in hotels, leaving “Doe” in county or city jails.

3.     Cutting of mature timber on state game land, to improve the areas for deer, rabbits, grouse and other game, is now in progress under permits covering more than 1,000 acres, the game division of the conservation department reports. Until January 1 of this year no timber was cut on state game areas, on a commercial scale. Mature timber, however offers scant food and shelter for game, and since cutting simply to give young growth a chance would be costly, timber sales were begun. Standards for minimum stump diameters, maximum stump heights, methods of slash and other specifications were established on the basis of earlier experimental release cuttings. Where more than $100 worth of timber is involved, the cutting is awarded to the bidder offering the highest bonus at public auction. The timber, which is used for posts, poles, ties, shingles and excelsior bolts and pulp, is scaled as it is cut and paid for at an established scale of prices before it is removed from state land. Revenue from timber sales on lands acquired with money from the deer license fund is returned to that fund. Revenue from timber sales on tax reverted land within game areas goes to the state treasury and a part is returned to the county in which the land lies.

4.     LUTHER AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL – Fifth and Sixth Grade News: There is a total of fifty pupils in the fifth and sixth grades this year. Plans are being made to form a hobby club and the school board has OK’d the installation of shelves, sher the hobby work may be kept. A work table shelf will be attached. In geography work has started on individual paper mache maps. Each student has a board approximately 20x20 on which the state of county of his choice will be made. Betty Raymond is making a collection of butterflies.

5.     Donald Robbins (of Luther) went to Cadillac Monday where he is employed as a driver on a Michigan bread truck.

6.     AD: FEATURE BY FEATURE, FROM BUMPER TO BUMPER, YOU’LL SAY IT’S “FIRST BECAUSE IT’S FINEST!” Again Chevrolet’s the Leader – Stan’s Super Service, Baldwin Michigan.

•     Thrilling new bigness

•     New longer wheelbase

•     90 H.P. Valve-in-Head “Victory” engine

•     Longer, larger, wider Fisher Bodies

•     Original vacuum-power shift – at no extra cost

•     Safe-T-Special hydraulic brakes

•     Dashing new “Aristostyle” design

•     De Luxe knee-action on all models

7.     The death of Mrs. Lena Wilson of Baldwin was a shock to her many friends and the deepest sympathy is extended to the bereaved husband who is paralyzed.

8.     John Johnson and John Simmons (of Idlewild) attended the Tiger-Cleveland game in Detroit Saturday.

9.     AD: Announcing the big NEW 1941 FORD. In some years, come cars take a big jump ahead. The Ford does that for 1941. It has jumped ahead in size. It is the biggest Ford we’ve ever built, inside and out. It’s wider. It has a longer wheelbase. Its seating room is wider by as much as 7 inches. It has new wide doors and semi-concealed running boards. You’ll notice also a new beauty, achieved by skillful blending of mass with longer flowing lines. Larger windshield and windows give better vision all around. One of its biggest advantages is the new soft ride. New slower-action springs give a slow, gentle, gliding movement. A newly designed stabilizer helps absorb road shocks, and maintains balance on sharp curves and in cross winds. More rapid acceleration to match it familiar speed and power makes this new Ford an even livelier car to drive.

10.     Oil men conceded this week that Gabel No. 1 wildcat well near the east county line, is a producer, and a treatment of acid was planned Wednesday, which in 72 hours, will determine the capacity and quality of the well. The flow, pending the treatment is small, but there is sufficient gas pressure to fil the pipe and flow into the storage tanks, three of which have (been) placed in readiness. The acid treatment is another method of increasing the flow, instead of “shooting” with nitroglycerine. The acid eats out the limestone in the formation and admits of free flow of the oil and gas. To make it effective, it is necessary to stop the flow of salt water, to get the acid, full strength in contact with the rock. The salt water is believed to be leaking down from the Dundee into the Monroe, where the pay was struck at 3625 feet.

11.     HEE HAW NEWS:

•     Let us quote you exact figures on installing Storm Sash before cold weather really sets in.

•     The world is moving fast these days and so is our stock of Mule-Hide. Re-roof with Mule Hide.

•     Measured in heat per dollar, instead of pounds per dollar, our Cavalier Coal is much the cheapest coal you can buy. Let us fil your bin for you. You’ll be needing Coal soon - - before you know it.

•     An angler assures us that fishing is not cruel. Next time you pull one in he says, just see it wag its tail!