From the Lake County Star September 20, 1940 Edition

1.     L Lakes cottagers are rejoicing over the fact that electricity has been brought in.

2.     The ladies of Marlborough gave as stork shower for Mrs. Fred Taylor at her home last Friday afternoon. A pleasant time was spent visiting and presenting Mrs. Taylor with many pretty and useful gifts for the newcomer. Mrs. Taylor’s son Maurice, played two pretty violin numbers. At 4 o’clock a delightful lunch was served to the ladies.

3.     Supplement to the Star: Succeeds in Turing Refuse Into Gold Mine. Four years ago an American named Berry Pink took the afternoon off from his work and strolled disconsolately through the city. He was fed up with his work, and was trying desperately to think of something to do. As he walked he noticed refuse, and idly stood and watched while they tipped the rubbish into a cart. He was surprised to see how many dirty old milk bottles and fragments of broken glass tumbled into the cart, and although he soon resumed his walk, the germ of an idea had entered his head.

There must be some use to which all the wasted broken and used glass in America could be put. And then he remembered a game he had played in his youth, and, in a flash the idea came to him – marbles – that was the solution.

Now, Berry Pink was what the American’s call a go-getter. Once he started on an idea he saw it through – and with a vengeance! In a short while he had established a factory and was busy buying up all the old bottles, cold cream jars and bits of glass he could lay his hands on, and converting them all into marbles. He also instituted a campaign to make America thoroughly “marble-conscious” and he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

Today Berry Pink is known all over America as “The Marbles King” and, thanks to his efforts, more than 5,000,000 people in the U.S. play the game.

4.     WANTLETS:

•     FOR SALE – 1935 Ford Tudor V8 cheap; 1 five tube radio set and battery; 1 wind charger – L.C. Duffing, Baldwin

•     FOR SALE – Furniture of all kinds reasonable at Goody’s Camp 3 mi So of Baldwin on M37

•     STRAYED – 1 Guernsey cow with bell, TB tagged, Herbert Casey, Box 21, Idlewild

•     WOMAN WANTED – Cooking and general housework for 2. Phone 86

5.     Frank Moore, Lakeview postmaster and editor died unexpectedly Saturday, aged about 70. Mr. Moore was employed in the Baldwin Star office about 40 years ago and has been a frequent visitor at the George Cutler home.

6.     The three 4-H clubs organized this summer (in Luther) are “Dairy” led by Harold Fullerton, “Canning and Food Preparation” led by Gerry Seney, who adopted the name “Happy Homemakers”. They exhibited at the Wolf Lake Legion Fair and Kathleen Baker won a blue ribbon for food preparation. Those winning red ribbons for canning were June Heyd and Margaret Robbins. Gae and Gloria Sellers won white ribbons. Muffins were exhibited for food preparation. Gloria Sellers won a blue ribbon and red ribbons went to Gae Sellers, Margaret Robbins and Hazel Angell. Final exhibits of the clubs will be at the school fair.

7.     HEE HAW NEWS:

•     Another car of smokeless coal was unloaded at the Red Shed this week.

•     Roof leak? See us about Mule-Hide.

•     Geo. Sandquist is putting on an addition on the Stephanoff property at Little Manistee.

•     Pearle Thompson recently had her home insulated with Rock-Wool. Norval Whitney did the work.

•     The Dewitt cabin at Rod and Gun Club has a new addition built on. Sheet rock was used to line the rooms.

•     Did you hear about the Scotch fellow who took his girl to the beach and told her shady stories so he wouldn’t have to rent an umbrella?