1940: Off the Press

From the Lake County Star June 14, 1940 Edition

1.     Thomas J. Johnson, 22, of Sweetwater Township, drowned in Squaw Lake in Section 17, Elk Township shortly after noon Friday when he stepped into a drop-off while wading along the shore of the lake. The body was recovered Saturday by divers from Baldwin. Johnson, who was employed cutting bolts in the nearby Merrill camp, went with Willie Lockhart to the lake for a swim. Being unable to swim he stripped and walked along the shallow edge of the lake while Lockhart swam out a hundred yards or so. The lake, while only about ten acres in extent, drops off precipitately to a depth of 20 to 30 feet. Johnson apparently stepped into a “pot-hole” and sank. Lockhart heard him shout and turned back, but could find no trace of him. After diving several time, he got a ride to Baldwin and notified the authorities. Sheriff Smith and Coroner Davis went to the lake and the Merrill crew took over a boat from Big Bass Lake but two hours of diving and grappling failed to produce results. Recovery of the body was difficult due to the muck bottom of the lake. The body sank into the ooze a foot or more, and being a colored lad, was impossible to see. Sheriff Smith engaged Clark Libey and Dick Drilling to dive with James Whitmyer to row the boat and the boys proved themselves splendid divers. The body was raised early in the afternoon (on Saturday).

2.     Migratory waterfowl can be frightened from grain fields by inexpensive reflectors and revolving beacons made from old bicycle wheels, tin cans and lanterns. Protection of this sort can be obtained for an estimated 50 cents an acre.

3.     Little South Camp, one of the first public river resorts on the Pere Marquette River was sold this week by David R. Kennedy to Eugene Field of Grand Rapids, who takes immediate possession. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy have operated the place more than a quarter century. The camp was first established by “Hank” Rouse, who came here for his health in the early 1900’s. He purchased it from Tony Danzico in 1912 and in June 1913 sold it to David Kennedy. Several cabins were added by Mr. Kennedy and later a gas station and restaurant were installed. Mr. Kennedy feels that 27 years of service entitles him and his wife to a vacation, which they may take shortly, and possibly with a trailer, to see the country. During their stay at Little South Camp they have enjoyed many associations and friendships that have lasted through the years. Mr. Field is experienced in the business and will add several items restoring the grocery department and adding refreshments and short orders. It is an excellent location and he should make it a continued success.

4.     Baldwin’s main business street bears a vastly improved appearance through the addition of concrete aprons between sidewalk and curb in front of several business places. Some also replaced broken sidewalks. Robert Duffing and his crew laid concrete in front of the Blass Tavern and driveway, Lake County Abstract Co., Clover Farm Store, Baldwin Theatre, Wallace Bakery, Post office, Will’s Store and Davis Confectionery.

5.     Wimpy Wallace and Buster Kessler snared 114 frogs last Monday, some of which weighed as much as a pound and all averaged one half pound, from a nearby lake. They feasted royally on their catch.

6.     Circuit Court Judge Max E. Neal, at a brief session of court Monday afternoon, denied a motion for a new trial in the case of “John Doe” of Baldwin. “Doe” at a previous term of court, had been found guilty of bastardy.

7.     AUCTION SALE Rebekahs Sponsor Community Auction in Baldwin Auditorium, Saturday, June 22, 1940. Come and Bid. Come and Buy.

8.     The Fenner Hotel (in Baldwin) is having the lobby furniture upholstered this week by Frank Sukis.

9.     Mrs. Fred Wenger and son John and a friend have spent several days at the Wenger summer home here.

10.     FOR SALE: 1 year old Leghorn hens, 50 cents each; Rhode Island Red broilers, 50 cents each. Mrs. Leon Fisher. Come east on US-10 until you get to the gravel country road, then turn north and come until you see the sign.

11.     Hee Haw News

•     Allison: “How soon will I know anything after I come out of the anesthetic?” Doc: “That’s expecting a great deal of anesthetic.”

•     Mr. Robertson of Carrs is having Frank Mohler build a new milk house with a Mule-Hide roof.

•     Then there was the Scotchman who wanted to build a stone wall, and called up the Masonic Temple for a couple of free masons to do the work.