1940: Off the Press

From the Lake County Star May 24, 1940 Edition

1.     The big rainbows are the most migratory of any of the three species of trout found in Michigan streams. Upstream migration of large rainbow trout, weighing from three to 10 pounds or more, may begin in late fall and continue until early spring when the principal upstream movement usually occurs. Spawning takes place in late March and April in normal seasons in lower peninsula waters and by the time the trout fishing season opens most of these large fish usually have left the streams and practically non remain during the open season. Rainbow trout, tagged in the Manistee River many miles from its mouth, have been taken a few weeks later in Wisconsin waters, proof of their migratory habits.


Every used car in stock has its marching orders! All makes and models must go! We’ve priced them to sell on sight during this pre-holiday clean-up! Special easy terms. Special liberal allowances. Your old car may be your entire down payment! Act now and not only get a better buy but the better car you’d expect from an authorized FORD dealer! Look over the sample bargins listed below. Then see US!

•     Chev. 36 Coupe $240.00

•     Ford 37 Tudor $ 265.00

•     Studebaker 35 Coupe $249.00

•     Ford 36 Truck $279.00 Long Wheel Base

•     Ford 39 Tudor $615.00 Radio and Heater

3.     Karl Kidder has nearly completed his new home on Sixth Street west (in Baldwin).

4.     20 TO GRADUATE AT BALDWIN HIGH. Twelve girls and eight boys make up the class of 1940. Exercises Tuesday P.M. & EVE. Following the baccalaureate services at the Congregational church Sunday, Baldwin High School will graduate a class of twenty seniors in exercises to be held in the Auditorium Tuesday afternoon and evening, May 28. Class day exercises will be held in the afternoon, followed in the evening by the formal graduation, at which the young people will be presented with sheepskins representing the culmination of their twelve years of school work. Excellent and entertaining programs have been prepared for both occasions.

The graduates are: Emerson Jones, Warren R. Vandenberge, Norma Thume, James Camfield, Carl Avery, Irene Ditlow Dorothy Shaddock, Thelma Norris, Anstice Bradford, Marion Miller, Shirley Miller Joseph Batak, Frank Vigne, William Borum, Marian Wallace, Orvilla Johnson, Helen Peterson, Thelma Crosby, Evelyn Johnson, Jeanne Wilder.

The school picnic will be held at Big Star Lake on Wednesday, May 29.

5.     NOTICE: Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Clyde and Effie Marshall who lived in vicinity of Baldwin, about year 1916, please communicate with Mrs. John Bailey, 8853 Steel Ave., Detroit, Mich. Very Important.

6.     In spite of several adverse weather conditions, 7230 beaver pelts were taken in the 1940 trapping season, more than in any other year except 1938, in 10 years of steady production under present regulations (State of Michigan). Final tally of the number of otter pelts sealed places the take of these furbearers at 266. At an average value of slight more $20 each, the beaver “crop” this year is estimated worth $150,000. Pelts sealed at conservation district headquarters at Baldwin numbered 222. Trappers got considerably better prices for beaver pelts this year than last, but were disappointed at $10 to $15 prices paid for otter skins.

7.     WANTLETS: For Sale – 80-acre farm land 9 room house, $2,500 close to Chase. Nelson Real Estate, Chase, Mich.

8.     Who says the fishing is rotten! Tim Drilling landed two rainbow trout last week end, one measuring 27 inches and weighing 6 ½ pounds dressed. The other measured 24 inches. Both were caught on a No. 6 fly.

9.     Mr. & Mrs. Harold Allison and sons and Miss Bernita Porter attended the Tulip Festival at Holland Sunday.

10.     CCC Fire Fighters Beat Regulars to Blaze. The city fire department boys who slide down the brass pole onto the big red firewagons are scarcely one jump faster than the forest fire fighters near Vanderbilt. On the first call to CCC Camp Pigeon River, a three-truck crew consisting of one truck containing 2 men, a second truck carrying such tools as shovels, axes, saws, water cans and force pumps, and a third equipment truck carrying a tractor and a self-righting plow, got away from camp within three minutes after the enrollee alarm was sounded a two-truck crew, called later, was dispatched in four minutes.