1940: Off the Press

From the Lake County Star May 24, 1940 Edition

1. BALDWIN IS CHANPION! Baldwin High decisively won the championship of the Newaygo County high school league Tuesday afternoon when they defeated the unbeaten Newaygo team 4 to 2. Both teams had won seven straights. Camfield pitched a great game after the first inning when he was nicked for three of the visitor’s seven hits but the locals touched up the lanky Sherwood for an even dozen safe blows, bunching them in the first, fourth and seventh inning. Some of the base running was weird on both sides, but this was offset by swell hitting and neat fielding.

2. Spike, the fawn which was rescued from starvation by Gerald Bull, more than a year ago, and who has frequented the vicinity of the Twin Creek Tavern since, coming up a regular intervals to be fed, recently became ill tempered and at the request of Mr. Bull was removed last week to the State Park at Ludington by Conservation officers.

Spike had grown so tame, that he would follow Mr. & Mrs. Bull around the yard for a half day, oftentimes slipping into the house when the door opened. He allowed himself to be photographed on numerous occasions and posed with the family cat and dog last summer for some moving pictures taken by Bruce Davis. Recently however he exhibited signs of ill temper.

3. Lake County State Bank Advertisement: Deposits guaranteed up to $5,000.00. You’ll never miss the water till the well runs dry. That is why many people avoid banks until they are in need of a loan. Establishing a banking connection when not in need paves the way for quick action when you need it. There is nothing personal or public in a bank loan. The bank sells loans as a grocer sells sugar. Loaning money is our business. Drop in some time and let us explain how this bank can be of service to you. Lake County State Bank. A member of the F.D.I.C.


•     Mrs. George Hooper and daughter-in-law Mrs. Hazel Seward Hooper of Cleveland have opened their cottage on Lake Drive.

•     John Gale will open his gas station and repair shop this week located on US-10 near Logan’s corners.

•     The Idlewild Library will be located in the Tabernacle stone church, with Miss Emma Wyatt as librarian

•     D.A. Montague and sons have opened the Goodson garage for repair work of all kinds, moving, cleaning, etc.

•     Mr. & Mrs. Harry Leo Simms and son Willie have purchased the beautiful home on Virginia Avenue once owned (by) Frances Schuler.

•     Mr. & Mrs. D.J. Warner and Mrs. Henry Brown attended “Gone With The Wind,” Saturday in Big Rapids.

•     Frank Tatum is able to be up again.

5. Geese Need Traffic Rules. Geese winging north – an estimated 150 birds – had trouble above Leroy the other day. Thee of the town boys, Jack Erickson, Junior Gustafson and Ferris Stiles, had put together a big kite and were flying it at the end of thousand feet of strong string.

The geese came over in a perfect V formation, and the leader and his first followers crashed into the kite. The formation was broken up, the gees circling above Leroy for more than a half hour, honking disconsolately, before getting their bearings again and streaking northward. The boys lost the kite and most of the string.

6. DANCE AND CARD PARTY. IOOF Hall. May 4, 1940 given by Gold Diggers’ Division of the Rebekah Lodge.

7. While the deficiency in rainfall remains a threat to the 1940 crop yields, it has put the ground in fine condition for early spring plowing. Oats and rye conditions are miserably poor, but winter wheat looks fairly good and the wheat acreage abandoned due to winter injury is estimated at only 12,000 acres (for state of Michigan) which is the smallest loss in many years. A yield of 20.05 bushels per acre is indicated which compared with 21.0 bushels per acres obtained last year. Beet sugar people report that the war is not expected to affect sugar prices in this country. At present a large surplus of sugar stocks remains on hand. Indirectly through improved industrial conditions the sugar industry may benefit through better prices, but his will be a long-range development, certainly not in the present picture for 1940. Canned fruits rely on domestic consumption largely, while dried fruits have been exported heavily. Consequently, little change is anticipated in Michigan on fruit prices with regard to the war. California, on the other hand, may suffer considerably from the loss of export trade.

8. WANTLETS: For Rent: Farm home and garden 5 rooms, $5.00 per month rent. 1 mile south of Chase. Nelson Real Estate, Chase, Mich.

9. WANTLETS: Household furniture for sale. Library table, davenport, beds, stoves, cupboard, dishes, tools and 44 cedar fence posts – Pearle Thompson, Baldwin.

10. ANNOUNCMENT: I wish to announce to the people of Lake County my intentions of being a candidate for the office of Prosecuting Attorney on the Republican ticket at the September primaries. G. W. BRASSINGTON, Attorney at Law.