1939: Off the press

From the Lake County Star December 15, 1939 Edition

  1. Mrs. Harry F. Lewis, for many years a resident of Baldwin and vicinity, died Tuesday at Van Wert, Ohio, where she and her husband were spending the winter. Word of her demise was received by Ray Frye Wednesday. Details were not available. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis came here several years ago and owned a farm in Yates Township. Later they removed to Baldwin and Mr. Lewis operated the Log Bar Tavern.
  2. Baldwin took on a real Holiday appearance this week when small pine and cedar trees were set up before each business place on Michigan Avenue, many of which have already been strung with colored lights. In addition, a 40 foot tree will be set in front of the post office. State regulations do not permit of setting a tree in the middle of the trunkline, because of traffic hazard. The Commercial Club sponsored the decorations and the business places responded splendidly. There is nothing that creates the Holiday spirit so much as a brilliantly lighted town.
  3. The state highway department this week began distribution of 150,000 copies of the newly revised Winter highway map. The new map carried for the first time a designation by symbol of the Mackinac Straight to the Straits route. Its back is illustrated with Michigan winter scenes and depictions of Winter sports. The front cover, done in bright colors, illustrated the meeting of an old-fashioned, horse-drawn cutter with a modern automobile carrying winter sport enthusiasts.
  4. The Luther Grange will give a Christmas dance in their hall Dec. 21 instead of the regular meeting. Brown and Keller orchestra will furnish the music. Stata Claus will be there to distribute popcorn, nuts and candy. Each one present is requested to bring a gift for the grab bag, costing no more than ten cents.
  5. Idlewild: The beautiful home of Mrs. Harriet Jones has been completed by the contractors Mrs. H. Brown and Allen.
  6. Mr. and Mrs. Elgar Bradford, son Charles and Edward Fortune were Reed City shoppers Saturday evening.
  7. After prolonging the Indian Summer several weeks and giving Michigan the warmest December since 1894, snow set in Wednesday with promise of heavy snowfall to come.
  8. There’s a job available down in Alabama for a good Michigan coon tree shaker, if there is one capable one now unemployed. In Alabama as well as in Michigan it is illegal to fell a den tree to make the capture after the hounds have treed the ringtail. But it is not illegal or uncommon to try to dislodge the raccoon from his home by shaking the den tree, so the Alabama State Employment Service has on file an unfilled request for an expert coon tree shaker. Since coons often favor den trees of greater girth than a man can reach around, no weakling need apply.
  9. Four new camp grounds completed in 1939 bring to 33 the number available to tourists in Michigan’s 18 state forests.
  • Mr. Steketee and son of Grand Rapids are at their cottage on the river.
  • Mrs. Fred Fairburn has been ill but is some better at the present time.
  • Those shopping in Grand Rapids Saturday were: Mrs. Andy Bradford, Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. John Ghent, Carl Ghent and Jackie Bradford.