1939 Off the Press

Editors note: This article is part of Off The Press, in which the Lake County Historical Society shares stories and other details from previous editions of the Star. These points of interest are 75 years old, and come from the May 12, 1939 edition of the Star. The Lake County Historical Society office and museum are located at 830 N. Michigan Ave. in Baldwin. Its mailing address is 830 N. Michigan Ave., P.O. Box 774, Baldwin, Mich. 49304.

  • Forester Scorched in River Line Fire. Chief Forester E.S. Iverson of the local headquarters of the Manistee National Forest, was severely burned Friday in a fire that swept up the hills along the Pere Marquette River west of the Brickyard and was taken to Big Rapids hospital where his hurts were found painful but not serious. The fire started near the Gleason mill on the P.M. River. It burned from early afternoon until sundown and covered some 250 acres before being brought under control by CCC crews, foresters and conscripts. Few people realize the systems of fire detection now in use in this district. Each tower has a map laid true north and south and a telescope centered upon it. When a fire is spotted from Station A, he lines the scope on it and draws a line on his map. He then phones Station B and gives the line. Station B then spots the fire and give his line from his map. Where the two lines cross is the fire.
  • Rain is badly needed and the national forest organization is seriously considering a ban on all smoking within the forest area. The two recent fires that have swept 400 acres have been caused by camp fires or smokes. Spring winds have not defoliated the oaks and when a fire sweeps into the crown it travels like a prairie fire. The only safeguard is human co-operation Do not toss away a match or smoke. Most modern cars have ash receivers. If yours has not, take along a tin can and drop your cigarette stubs into it.
  • Lake County courtyard has been leveled, limed, fertilized and floated by the county road commission and will be seeded as soon as a soaking rain comes to ready it. Tuesday a flooding rain fell from M-63 to Wolf Lake, but only a sprinkle fell in Baldwin. Sheriff Henry Smith has set out two fine flower beds on the north side (of the courthouse).
  • County road crews Saturday finished filling and surfacing the fill in the west approach to Idlewild across the sinkhole that has left a dangerous pair of curves for many years.
  • There will be a meeting of the Townsend Club at the Hoover building in Chase on Wednesday. There will be a speaker from the outside and anyone interested is cordially invited to attend.
  • Miss Julia Ebmeyer was given a kitchen shower Tuesday evening by the Sewing Club, Mrs. Violet Bradford being hostess to 20 guests. The prospective bride who will wed Robert Smith of Baldwin on Wednesday evening, May 24 was the recipient of many articles of kitchen ware and a fine table grill from the club.
  • Wanted – Plain Sewing, Dressmaking Reasonable Prices – See Gladys Lodholtz, Chase Michigan. It is not often that we run an ad on the front page, but this one is different. Miss Lodholtz is crippled to the point where most people would quit. She was operated on as a child and has undergone 26 operations on her spine. She learned to walk on crutches – though swing would be a better term, for she cannot use her legs or feet. Last year she asked the Supervisor of Lake County to loan her $25 to buy an electric sewing machine. They did and don’t care if she never pays it back. She is using it to support herself and in all the time she has been afflicted, she has not been on welfare or accepted public aid beyond the loan above mentioned. Now that you have the story, we hope you will take your work to Miss Lodholtz. Take it personally and perhaps you will gain a lesson in patience and fortitude.
  • William C. Misteli, with official station at Baldwin, is designated as inspector for this territory, in response to requests received from potato growers for information regarding the sale and handling of seed potatoes. The growers are to contact the department inspector securing certificate that he is bona fide grower, presenting certificate to the inspector where seed is purchased, who will in turn will issue permit to transport the seed (potatoes).