1932 Off the press

Editors note: This article is part of Off The Press, in which the Lake County Historical Society shares stories and other details from previous editions of the Star. These points of interest are 85 years old, and come from the Sept. 30, 1932 edition of the Star.

• Jean VanderWonde, housekeeper for C.W. Casey on U.S. 10 near Idlewild, was sentenced Saturday by Judge Raymond in federal court to serve six months in the Allegan jail for violation of the liquor law. She entered a plea of guilty together with more than twenty others taken in the federal dragnet the last few months. Jean VanderWonde was arrested two months ago when federal men raided the Casey lunchroom following an alleged “buy.” Mr. Casey also was summoned to Grand Rapids but no charge against him was noted at the time of sentencing . . . It was stated that a nuisance charge was to be preferred against the place as a basis for a padlock order.

• Harry Hawkins, of Saginaw, who is alleged to have impersonated an office in connection with the taking of two slot machines from Joe Gale’s store at Peacock Sept. 2, was bound over to the November term of circuit court by Justice E.C. Bartenbach of Baldwin yesterday. (Thursday morning when he plead not guilty to the charge. Bond was fixed at $2,000.) Hawkins and a confederate, it is alleged, entered the Gale store at Peacock Sept. 2, Hawkins stating that he was a state trooper in plain clothes on special detail. The confederate wielded a pair of bolt clippers to cut the chains holding the machines down, and the two departed. The license number of their car was noted, however, and through this they were traced. Hawkins was picked up for Sheriff Misteli by Saginaw police this week.

The real state troopers appeared in Peacock and Luther Wednesday, taking machines from the Gale and Hodgins stores there, and from the William Moore place in Luther. Gale, Hodgins and Moore were arraigned Wednesday, and hearing was set for Saturday on the charges of keeping gambling devices in their places of business.

• Two graduates of Baldwin High, Miss Phyllis Updegraff and Clare Wilder, entered Western State Teachers College at Kalamazoo Monday. Miss Updegraff, honor student in the class of 1932, was awarded a scholarship, which covers her entire tuition for the year. She was on the honor roll continuously during her four year course here, and with Edward Robbins, led the class high in the 90’s with only a fraction of a point separating them. She is taking up kindergarten work. Clare Wilder, star guard and captain on the basketball team, will be out for cage ball at Kazoo, where he will have plenty competition despite the fact that he was named the best guard in all classes at the regional tournament. However Clare thrives on opposition and there is no doubt that he will be holding down defense positions with the Kazooks, who are one of the state’s fasted quints.

• Luther: The Nature Study Class under Miss Bernice Seymour spent Saturday in Koen’s woods, looking for specimens. They cooked their own lunch outdoors at the Boy Scout Camp and all had a very pleasant time. The Biology class and Supt. Hopkins enjoyed an outing and wiener roast at Stewart Lake Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Hopkins accompanying them and helping in the entertainment. They found many specimens for their biology note books.

• HeeHaw News. Friday, Sept. 30, 1932, Volume 2, Number 46. Peter Hollenbeck is doing the carpentry and mason work on a new cottage at Whalen Lake. Pete is surely making a well built cabin for he is using 4-square siding, Bruce hard Maple flooring, Mule-hide roofing and Huron High Grade Cement; Jack Reagan and family have a new two stall garage. Leland Reagan did the job in a workmanship like manner. The Red Shed furnished the siding and doors; David Kennedy is remodeling his garage at Little South Camp.

• The Star-ette. A School Publication Designed to Better Acquaint Parents with the Progress of the Baldwin Public Schools. Editor – Dorian Wilkinson. Baldwin High School will sell magazines again this year for the Curtis Publishing Company, so if any of the readers’ subscriptions for the Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal or Country Gentlemen have expired, please save them for the High School. The money obtained from this enterprise is put in the funds of the athletic association and is used for athletic purposes.

• Judge Cutler called in five Chase youths paroled two years ago for participation in the sacking of the Hoover-Bradford candy store and after a severe lecture, extended their paroles for two years conditional on their payment of the $100 costs assessed as part of their parole.

• Baldwin Odd Fellows and Rebekahs will be hosts Monday night to members of those lodges from Lake, Mason, Manistee and Oceana counties, in the regular district meeting for fellowship. The meeting will be open, and some 250 are expected to attend. Plans are being made for a dance and entertainment in the Pleasant Plains Township Auditorium, followed by supper in the I.O.O.F. Hall at 10 p.m. The district meetings are widely attended and have created a good deal of interest in the lodges of the four counties.