1932 Off the press

Editors note: This article is part of Off The Press, in which the Lake County Historical Society shares stories and other details from previous editions of the Star. These points of interest are 85 years old, and come from the Sept. 29, 1932 edition of the Star.

• Buy Sinclair. We are happy to tell you that we have assumed the management of the Sinclair Station north of Baldwin on U.S. 10. We are pleased to serve you with the well known Sinclair products, including the new HC gas, Opaline and Pennsylvania oils and grease. We want you to know that we are in business for ourselves and our success depends upon good neighbors like yourself. Frankly we would like to count you a regular customer. Won’t you drive in soon and let us show you by our service and Sinclair products how we appreciate your business. H.L. Dechow. Sinclair Station – two miles North of Baldwin, on US10 and M37.

• A fair crowd witnessed one of the best games of the season played at the local ball park Sunday when the Heralds defeated the Baldwin Stars one to zero. The Heralds were outhit by their opponents five to four. They tallied their lone run in the fifth on an error. The game was played in regular baseball weather, the day being similar to that of mid-summer. The Herald’s will play the return game at Baldwin next Sunday. It is hoped that a lot of local fans will witness this game and lend their support to the local players. This should be a good game considering the game last Sunday. . . Baldwin Stars: V. Wilkinson 2b; G. Wilkinson rf; Brown ss; Blass c; H. Updegraff 3b; Ayris cf; F. Updegraff 1b; Duffing lf; Gibson lf; Wilder p.

• Marlboro: by Mrs. John Ghent. Robert Rouse has returned from a visit to A Century of Progress. Sam Bertucci has returned from Chicago, bringing his niece, formerly Paulina Roti, and baby for a visit here. Carl Wolgamott is attending the Century of Progress accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Spalo of Curtis Settlement. Mr. McDonald and family are planning to move to the Ted Heiss farm south of Star Lake.

• Olivers: by Mrs. E. Lind. Several ladies met at the home of B.F. Ulrey on Friday to make plans for the Home Economics Club work for this year. John and Russell Ulrey are digging their potatoes. The Mission Circle met with Mrs. F.D. Randall on Thursday with a large attendance. The vice-president gave a very interesting program on Missions.

• Bristol news: by Mrs. G.J. McKee. The Dorcas Society meets this Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. A.N. McKee. Miss Mildred Kirkby has returned to Grand Rapids to resume her school duties.

• Luther: by Miss Clara Nichoson, Luther Representative. Guy Fairbanks left Tuesday of this week for St. Petersburg, Fla. to spend the winter. Giles Mansell returned Monday form his trip north in search of relief from hay fever. Frank Myk, Mrs. Anthony Myk and daughter Sylvia made a business trip to Reed City Saturday. The Christian Aid Society will serve a chicken pie supper at the Florence Schall house Oct. 13. The ball game between the C.C.C. of Idlewild and Luther stood 15 to 2 in favor of Luther. Saturday while some little girls were playing at the home of Margie Ann Bradford a honey bee flew down the throat of Addie Adams stinging the child. The children being alone, Margie promptly administered first aid in the form of strong salt water followed by Vick’s drops and then took the patient over town to find her mother. The pain was stopped although the throat was badly swollen when they finally located Mrs. Adams who was busy doing her Saturday shopping.

• Southeast Chase: by Mrs. Ben Kersey. Ernest Wells and daughter Evelyn and Mamie Davenporte motored to Copemish, Wednesday. The Kentucky Harmony Singers were at the Barton U.B. Church last Wednesday evening where they entertained a full house. The leaders of the Samis Home Economics Extension Club will meet with Mrs. Fred Young Oct. 3rd. All that are interested are requested to be present as the first lesson will be given at that time.

• HeeHaw News: Published for the information and entertainment of the home loving folks in Lake County and vicinity by the Baldwin Lumber Company. Friday, Sept. 29, 1932, Volume 3, Number 38. “What caused the explosion? The engineer was full and the boiler was empty.”

• Luther can add her bit to the Lake County crop report. George Angell is exhibiting corn from one of his fields 11 feet 9 inches high while Mrs. George Haigh reports a tomato weighing two pounds picked from her garden.

• Wantlets: Five cents a line for each insertion. For sale or trade. Registered Belgian draft stallion. Bobbie Burns No. 11889. Pedigree on application. Geo. W. Bates. Rte. 1, Baldwin. 929

Wantlets: Pianos, Victrolas. Furniture of all kinds. Used but in A1 condition. For sale or trade for what have you? Bostrom Warehouse one mile east of Branch. 818tf

• Mrs. George Duffing was hostess to the Somerset club held at Government Lake Park last Wednesday afternoon. Somerset and Rook were played followed by six o’clock supper. Prizes were won by Mrs. Marvel Ebmeyer and Mrs. Clara Bradford.