1932 Off the Press

Editors note: This article is part of Off The Press, in which the Lake County Historical Society shares stories and other details from previous editions of the Star. These points of interest are 85 years old, and come from the September 16, 1932 edition of the Star.

• Christian G. Kuennen, 63, a widely known Grand Rapids business man, and for many years owner of a cottage at Rainbow on the Pere Marquette, was drowned Saturday noon in Big Star Lake when he fell from a boat while fishing. He had been fishing alone near Miller’s Point, and was apparently about to lift the anchor when he fell into the water. A call for help was heard by Fred Martin, and the body was recovered in about 40 minutes. Physicians who examined the body said the amount of water in the lungs indicated that heart disease might have been the direct cause of death. .  “Chris” Kuennen was known all over Western Michigan. He loved to fish the Lake County lakes and streams. He was a devoted fly fisherman on the river and those who remember the hearings on the fly fishing orders that prevailed five years ago, will also remember Mr. Kuennen’s militant stand for the flies, and his famous offer to provide a fly fishing outfit for five dollars.

• Installation of a temporary public address system at the Pleasant Plains township auditorium, and the setting up of (election) return headquarters in the board room off the lobby gave Baldwin people some snappy election service Tuesday night, and provided a highly satisfactory method of handling returns from the county. In other years the Star office had been local headquarters, and returns were posted on a wall sheet as fast as received. This always resulted in considerable confusion as the telephone was in the same room, and noise was inevitable. Then too, the available space was small. To L.E. Felt, who operates amateur radio W8CVF, goes the credit for the improvement in the method of handling returns. The power unit on his transmitter was easily converted to a public address amplifier, and a big speaker went in the second floor window at the front of the hall, said Felt, would get the “dope” to the crowd out in front. He got the use of the board room at (the) hall to set up the amplifier. The Lake County State Bank co-operated by allowing an extension to be run across from tier phone connection to the board room for the evening, and the layout was complete. It worked like a charm. The board room was enclosed, so that noise in the lobby did not interfere with taking returns on the phone. Andy Bradford presided at the phone, Ed Felt ran the microphone, and Fred Bradford and John West handled the check sheets. Jim Foster, Jr. provide the messenger service that was necessary. As fast as a township was received, Felt put it out on the speaker, and this was followed with a summary showing the townships in and the leaders for county and state offices up to the minute. . . Altogether, it was the best handling of returns ever had here, from the point of getting the results to the crowd. Over two hundred people were gathered about the front of the building and across the street, and they got a summarized service as each return came in.

• Advertisement: County Road Commission meets at the court house on the 2nd and 17th days of each month, or on the day following when these days fall on Sunday or a holiday.

• As part of the conservation department’s program for bettering observation facilities in the control of forest fires, three fire towers in this vicinity are being relocated on higher ground, and are being given twenty foot extensions to further aid in the spotting work. The Peacock tower, the first to be moved was torn down last week and rebuilt this week on the new location just east of M-37 at the summit of the Wolf Lake hills. The twenty foot extension put on, will make the cabin floor 82 feet above the ground, and put all of Lake County in direct range, with a view from beyond the county borders as well. . . The original Baldwin tower, on the high point northeast of the Pere Marquette Rod and Gun Club, will be moved to section one in Troy Township, Newaygo County, south of Big Star Lake. The twenty-foot extension of the tower will put Louis Duffing 92 feet above ground when he roosts in the cabin. . . Moving the towers has meant the building of several miles of new telephone line. . . The local conservation crews have been doing all the work of moving the towers.

• Duck shooting hours. Following is the table issued by the Department of Conservation, giving the hours for starting and stopping shooting during the open season this fall. The season begins at noon, Oct. 1, and closes at sunset Nov. 30. Eastern Standard time is used. One-half hour before sunrise – to sunset. Oct. 1-7, inclusive. 6:10 – 6:20. (etc)

• The Live Wire Club will hold a baked goods sale in the lobby of the township hall Saturday morning from 10 until 12.

• Rev. and Mrs. D.J. Miller and daughter Alma Ruth are again occupying their home in town (Baldwin) after spending the summer months as their cottage on Big Star Lake.