1926: Off the Press

For – OFF THE PRESS 1926 – 90 years ago

From the Lake County Star April 2, 1926 Edition

1.     BREAK INTO BOX CARS. Four cars of merchandise standing in the west railroad yard were broken into Sunday night while waiting to be picked up by a north bound train. A check-up of the contents has thus far revealed only minor losses. One of the cars was a Baldwin car and from this were taken some cigarettes, candy and other minor articles. Another car contained clothing, but none has been reported to be missing as yet. Two automobile batteries were taken, but a shipment of tires was not molested, which indicates to officers that the thieves, in all probability hoboes, were after something they did not find. Special Agents Maguire and Stickel looked into the matter but were unable to obtain any definite clues, the frozen ground retaining no foot prints and there were no other clues of a definite sort. Sheriff Bates also worked the case. The robbery in itself is trivial but is annoying to the company and the officers. It is the first in several years.

2.     Black Jack Quigley has returned from a brief visit to Ludington and resumed his vacation.

3.     King Winter kicked another blizzard out of his system Wednesday and succeeded in tying traffic into a double bow knot on the trunk lines while he threw a monkey wrench into the railroad machinery for a good 24 hours. Starting with a mixture of rain and sleet Tuesday night an east wind fanned it into a snow that drifted into every cut in the exposed area of the highways. Later it turned into a heavy, wet snow that made the drifts almost impossible to master on both rail and highway. Trains from the north ran from three to five hours late Wednesday night and order for snowplows were issued to open the line. Freight traffic on both divisions was virtually at a standstill for more than eighteen hours.

4.     Jake Herman and Lester Bradford will give another of their popular social dances next Friday evening, April 9, with a well balanced program of new and old dances. These dances are growing in popularity and with roads open, a goodly crowd of Reed City young people is expected.

5.     It is rumored about that the attorneys for the roller skate corporations are about to begin injunction proceedings against our school janitor. The claim is that he has repaired so many roller skates of late that the public is no longer buying.

6.     Advertisement: YOU WORK FOR MONEY. DOES MONEY WORK FOR YOU? An idle dollar is a drone just as much as an idle bee. A busy dollar is a productive dollar. A hoarded dollar is a drone. But not when it is banked. A banked dollar is working in the community and is paying you 4% interest in addition. Don’t hoard your dollars. THE LAKE COUNTY BANK. McPhail, Smith & Hollister, Bankers. R.J. Smith, Cashier.

7.     Advertisement: POWER OUTFIT GUARANTEED WELLS. I sink your well to depth for a good flow of water, and mount pump ready for service. I also furnish repairs and supplies for any pumps. Write for prices and dates. Murrell Patterson, Baldwin.

8.     Advertisement: EASTER NOVELTIES. Box candies, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Greeting cards, Egg dyes, Dennison goods. Torbeson Drug Company.

9.     Advertisement: SALT - A carload: 100 pound sacks $1.00. 50 lb. blocks 45 cents each. GLENN S. WILKINSON.

10.     Advertisement: NEW WALL PAPER. A new and exceptionally fine lien of choice wall papers in original patterns for living room, bedroom, kitchen and bath. Prices very low. We want to call your attention especially to our tile samples of waterproof papers for kitchens and bath. Heavy weight, long wear, and stand up under repeated washings. Clean, sanitary and attractive. We can get them for you in a few days in any pattern desired. You will not be able to find a wider variety of better prices anywhere. Ample quantities for your needs. DRILLINGS “The Sports Store”

11.     From THE EDITOR”S OWN CORNER. It rather looks as if the weather Man was first to spring the April Fool gag, and he was a day early AND Don’t neglect to vote MONDAY!