1926: Off the Press

From the Lake County Star March 5, 1926 Edition

1.     BLIZZARD PILES SNOW IN TOWERING HEAPS. Drifts pile ten feet high on road between Chase and Reed City. Plow crew works all night. A sudden reversal of indications of an early spring developed into a snow storm of such proportions Friday as has not been seen before this winter. While the quantity of snow that fell was not great, the north winds swept over the open spaces at high velocity and literally filled every valley in the hill country with veritable mountains of snow.

2.     MESSENGER STORE IS SOLD TO WOLGAMOTT. Following a spirited duel in which the price advance by $100 stages from $3500 to $4500 Guy Wolgamott topped the $4575 bid of County Clerk Emil Johnson with a dollar and won the purchase of the Messenger store building and fixtures at $4576 at the auction yesterday afternoon. There was a good crowd out and several were prepared to bid, but the two leaders went too fast for them. The sale took less than 30 minutes and the store was sold in less than 15 the bulk of the time being spent trying to get the last dollar. The lot back of the Fenner Hotel was sold to Mrs. Fenner for $105, it being the only bid. Charles Messenger got the ice house and lot 4 in block one for $98 after running up Howard Welch’s $50 bid in competition with W.R. Potter from $50. The ice house is filled with 600 cakes of fine ice and should pay a profit this season. Guy Wolgamott, the successful bidder on the store, “stood treat” to the crowd after the bidding. He will take inventory at once and will open the store for business not later than Monday, in case it is necessary to close at all.

3.     Financial Statement for the Village of Baldwin Feb. 23, 1925 and Feb. 24, 1926:


Balance on hand Feb 23, 1925     $ 970.69

Water pipe furnished               89.59

Lake County water pipe               49.96

Tent show licenses                     95.00

5 light poles                     15.00

Sale of clay               26.00

Homecoming                         52.50

Delinquent taxes 251.38

Collected 1925 tax roll 1700.61

Total receipts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 3250.73


Express, freight, drayage $ 27.66

Postage 2.00

Telegraph and telephone               1.10

Electric current 172.65

Fuel 3.00

Printing and publishing 67.72

New street light material 853.60

Cost of installing above 297.65

Miscellaneous material 3.20

Teaming expense 103.85

Labor 89.65

Interest on loan 2.92

Quarantine expense 160.60

Homecoming expense 104.56

Election expense 12.00

Marshal’s salary 253.50

Night watchman’s salary 204.00

Clerk’s salary               10.00

Treasurer’s salary 10.00

Assessor’s salary 25.00

Total Expenditures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 2383.66


Total receipts $ 3250.73

Total expenditures 2383.66

Balance on hand 2/24/1926 . . . . . . . . . $ 867.07

A.     L. Bradford, Clerk / Attest George Blass, President

4.     I will be at the Cherry Valley town hall in the village of Nirvana Saturday, March 13 and at my home Saturday, March 20 to receive the names of such persons as shall apply to me personally for registration for the annual township election to be held in said township Monday, April 5. Edwyn A. Elsner Clerk of Cherry Valley Township.

5.     The Star has just finished linotyping the delinquent tax list for the Luther Observer, and the list will be published five weeks beginning March 19. Copies of the list may be had by remitting 5 cents each to the Observer, Luther, Mich.

6.     Why tramp for days looking for lost cattle when a Wantlet will bring them home for a quarter?

7.     From The Editor’s Own Corner:

•     The Bell Telephone Company is celebrating its 50th anniversary, but none of the girls are that old.

•     Seeing the string of hobos marching up to the depot mornings makes us regret that the public is unable to supply them with free bus service also.

8.     Fern Leaf Rebekah lodge is putting on a series of popular entertainment programs in connection with the lodge work. Last night they had a song program and danced the Virginia Reel. Next week refreshments will be served following a program.

9.     Advertisement: The Kiddies Know Good Bread . . . Just offer the kiddies a piece of fresh, warm bread from our bakery and see if they look tickled. We make the purest bread possible to be made because we want the kiddies to have the best. Pastries too! HOME TOWN BAKERY. Arthur Wallace, Prop. Baldwin, Mich.

10.     School Notes:

•     During the chemistry hour Friday some perfectly good salt was made in the laboratory independent of Ludington, Manistee or Port Huron.

•     The physiology class have been studying the structure of a tooth.

•     The Civics class have been learning the names of the townships in Lake County. They have made some very good drawings of the county and have located the villages, lakes and railroads.

•     Some of the best specimens of our penmanship have been pinned up on the walls this week. This should encourage us to do better work.

•     We had a contest in arithmetic third grade class this week to see who could memorize the tables to the “sevens”. We found that Betty Gleason and Helen Bradford were first to memorize them.

•     From Nora Libey and Betty Gleason – If you but smile, another smiles, and soon there’s miles and miles of smiles; and life’s worth while, If you but smile.